Can I open a door with a broken spring?

Unfortunately you can not open a door safely with a broken spring. It is best to not try; and make other arrangement for transportation until you can have a qualified repair company come to your home.


Can I open a door with a broken electric door opener?

Yes, most if not all electric door openers have a manual release cord or lever that allows you to disconnect the trolley or some drive mechanism from the door so you can open the door. However you have to be on the inside of the garage to do this. Some garages are caves or vaults with the garage door as the only entrance, In this case look for a "vault release" keyed lock at eye level in the door. This vault release keyed cable is attached to the release mechanism for access from the outside of the garage.


What if my door opens with the remote but will not close?

This symptom is likely the opener safety sensors mounted near the floor on each side of the doorway. These sensors must be clear of obstructions and aiming at each other for the door opener will go in the close direction. Be carful that the door can be safely operated before assuming this sensor issue is the problem. Do not attempt to close a door that is out of the tracks or has a roller falling out. These doors can be very dangerous or deadly. Call a qualified repairman.

Why not buy the cheaper garage door openers from "big box" stores?

You may be able to find a garage door opener at a lower price from one of the major chain stores, but before you do so, ask yourself why they are so much cheaper. In many cases, the products you'll find at one of those stores are made with sub-standard materials and shoddy manufacturing. When you choose Connor Garage Doors, you can have confidence in the fact that we only use tried and true products that we have found, in our experience, to be up to our standards. Furthermore, we are always looking for ways to keep costs down for our customers, which means that we select the best products we can find for the lowest price. For example, we use door hardware made of steel, rather than the plastic equipment often sold by big box stores. Similarly, we use top-of-the-line torsion springs which are built to last, rather than TorqueMaster springs or the other cheap springs sold by many of the stores.


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